1.04 "Walkabout"

Episode Title: "Walkabout"

Episode Number: 4

Production Number: 103

Air Date: 10/13/04

1.04 "Walkabout" - ABC.com - Official LOST wikiSynopsis: The survivors continue to get acquainted with their surroundings. Locke and Michael go deep into the island to hunt for food, while Kate and Sayid continue to try to find the source of the strange French transmission. Kate damages the transceiver when she sees Locke in the jungle and tries unsuccessfully to warn him that the monster is about to attack. Locke manages to escape the clutches of the monster and bring food back to camp. Also the bodies from inside the plane need to be disposed of and Jack can only think of one way of doing so.

Flashback: It's all about Locke in this episode's flashback. In his life before the island, Locke was a meek box company office worker who had a dream of trekking across Australia. But after arriving in Australia, the tour group leader refuses to let him participate because he is wheelchair bound.

However, after regaining the use of his legs, Locke quickly gains confidence and organizes a hunting party with Kate and Michael. Michael is injured by boar attack and Kate takes him back to camp while Locke continues forth where he sees the monster, the smoke. (This is an assumption. You don't see what he sees.) Locke returns to camp with a dead boar.

OMG Moment:
  • Locke's flashback reveals that the island has had an odd effect on him -- Locke was confined to a wheelchair before the crash, but he can miraculously walk on this strange island.
  • Although you don't see what Locke sees, during his solo hunt, it appears he is confronted by the Monster/Smoke.
  • Jack sees his dead Father in the jungle, standing there looking at him.

Questions and clues: How on earth can Locke walk on the island? What did the monster do to him?
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Original Air Date: 10/13/2004
1.04 "Walkabout" - LOST

EPISODE 104 SYNOPSIS WalkaboutWe are in Locke's dream as the show opens and it's moments after the crash.As his eye opens, we see the experience from his perspective.Chaos rages around him as he very cautiously looks down to his feet.We see him wiggle his big toe — Good, everything works.

Back in real time, Locke's dream is interrupted by Vincent barking.In fact, he's waking up the entire camp.He won't stop barking at the fuselage and when Jack and the others listen closely they can hear something rummaging around in there.But that can't be, everything in there is&dead.Sawyer?Nope, he's right behind Jack.When they shine a flashlight inside, two glowing eyes shine right back at them.Uh oh…

Three squealing beasts charge out of the wreckage and tear through the camp.As they disappear back into the jungle, Locke is able to determine what they are —Wild Boars.They've been attracted by the bodies that have been baking in the fuselage for the last 4 days.Something has to be done.Bury them?They wouldn't stay buried, not for long anyway.

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