1.02 "Pilot: Part 2"

Episode Title: "Pilot"

Episode Number: Pilot (2)

Production Number: 101

Air Date: 9/29/04

1.02 "Pilot: Part 2" - ABC.com - Official LOST wikiSynopsis: In part two of the series pilot, we learn more about the castaways and what makes them tick: Jack is a doctor; Charlie has a heroin habit; Claire is pregnant; Michael and Walt are father and son; Boone and Shannon are bickering siblings; Sawyer is an opportunistic manipulator; and Kate is hiding a dangerous secret, a U.S. marshal was on the plane transporting a prisoner, and Sayid, a former member of the Iraqi Republican Guard, has managed to get the plane's transceiver and is trying to get a signal. They can't send out a signal, however, because the transceiver is already receiving one! Sayid and Sawyer are suspicious of each other, Sayid, thinks Sawyer is the prisoner, and Sawyer calls Sayid a terrorist. This conflict comes to a head several episodes later.

Flashback: The flashback again reveals more details about the crash.

OMG Moment: Kate is the fugitive who was being transported by the U.S. marshal.
OMG Moment: In search of higher ground for improved radio reception, a group of survivors is attacked by a polar bear.

  • Charlie is a musician in a rock bank called Drive Shaft.
  • Locke invites Walt to play backgammon and introduces one of the major themes of the story, "black and white", good and bad and also tells him about a miracle (later shown to be Locke regaining the use of his legs).

Questions and clues:
  • Where is the radio signal coming from?
    • It's coming from the Dharma radio tower that Danielle found.
  • What was Kate's crime?
    • She blew up her father's house with him in it.

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