Egg crate mattress

Why do you need a egg crate mattress? Someone may say – You can sleep on the floor.
Consider: We spend in the dream the third part of our life. We want this part of life to take place in a comfortable environment and therefore take care of quality sleep. Mattress plays an important role in ensuring a comfortable sleep. Therefore, the egg crate mattress is so important to us.
Lets look at what you need to pay attention to when choosing a egg crate mattress?

Key parameters of the egg crate mattress.

The size. The mattress should be the size of your bed. Parts of your body should not hang from it.
Construction. Mattresses are spring, air or water. Classic for sleeping is the spring version of the mattress. Water mattresses – today it is an exotic option, which is gradually winning its fans.
Softness and rigidity. This parameter is purely individual. Someone feels comfortable on a hard surface, someone needs a soft surface.
Filling. Foam rubber, batting, latex, felt, coir, horsehair and other fillers may be in the mattress. All of these fillers have their advantages and disadvantages.
Functionality. For example, orthopedic mattresses are able to repeat the contour of the human body, such mattresses are recommended for those with osteochondrosis or intervertebral hernia.
Pay attention to the egg crate mattress parameters.

Lifetime egg crate mattress.

The life of the mattress depends on several parameters:
From the construction and materials of which the mattress is made.
From the weight of the person who will lie on the mattress.
On how to use the mattress.
Depending on these and other parameters, the life of the mattress can be from 5 to 15 years.
Consider this when using egg crate mattress.

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